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Pelham teacher arrested

Courtney Cranford Courtney Cranford

A south Georgia school system will determine whether to fire an elementary school teacher accused of getting violent during a conference with a parent.

48-year old Bobby Edwards, Jr. is accused of injuring his principal and assistant principal as they tried to prevent him from attacking a parent.

He was arrested Tuesday after police say his actions led to lockdowns at all Pelham Schools.

When Courtney Cranford first learned her four-year-old daughter's school was on lockdown, she did not know what to think.

"My first thoughts were, oh my gosh what if somebody is shooting up my daughter's school. Especially after Sandy Hook. It's not something to joke about. "

Police say after he became heated during a parent-teacher conference, Pelham Elementary School teacher Bobby Edwards grabbed the tie of Principal Torrey Williams and elbowed assistant principal Dera Hawkins in the face.

"We had a request from the chief of police that schools be locked down and here in Pelham all three of our schools are within a quarter mile of each other. So if you're going to do one, you're doing all three," said Superintendent Dr. James Arnold.

All three Pelham City Schools were on lockdown for about 90 minutes Tuesday afternoon.

"It was a precautionary measure. There was never any danger to anybody. Students, teachers, or parents. When given a choice, we will always air on the side of caution," said Arnold.

Cranford says after Sandy Hook and Monday's bombings in Boston, Tuesday's timing was not good.

"Parents worry enough about how to protect their children. I just don't feel like yesterday was the day to play with anyone's emotions. Precaution or what they could have at least told us what was going on because it was terrifying."

Police say Williams and Hawkins did receive some scratches and redness, but their injuries do not appear to be serious.

Edwards is charged with two counts of battery, simple assault, and disruption of public school.

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