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Tifton runner returns home after Boston Marathon bombing


A Tifton man, who ran his 36th Boston Marathon Monday, is at peace knowing his daughter is safe.

They got separated in the chaos that followed Monday's attack.

Mike Beeman says the minutes he was away from his daughter felt like hours.

He recalls the moment when he realized two bombs exploded just ahead of him at Monday's Boston Marathon.

"I could see the carnage and the terror in people's eyes crying, you knew something was wrong," said Mike Beeman.

Beeman was running in his 36th consecutive Boston Marathon and was just minutes behind where the explosion took place.

After he realized what was going on, his focus immediately switched to his 16-year-old daughter, who was waiting with a family friend for her dad to finish.

"It was a little scary there for a second because you didn't know what was going on because no cell phone service was working," said Melanie Beeman.

"It seemed like an eternity of not knowing if they're safer, where they are, how are they, is my daughter crying? It was a real emotional experience and it was gut-wrenching," said Mike Beeman.

Melanie and the friend made it out of the city unharmed, but Mike became emotional as he searched for her.

"I broke down and cried because I could not get a hold of my daughter. I didn't know if she was safe and if she was safe, what was her mindset," said Mike Beeman.

Eventually a volunteer let Mike use her cell phone to text his daughter and what happened next ended the nightmare.

"We text them both, 'are you ok? I'm in Boston', that's what I said. A text came back five minutes later. I don't text, but that was the greatest text I ever heard, 'I'm ok'", said Mike Beeman.

"For about 20 or 30 minutes we didn't know if he was ok because we knew he was finishing around that time. It was very scary there for a moment. It was an emotional time," said Melanie.

Mike ended up being taken in at a fraternity house before eventually catching rides to where his daughter was.

He says through all of this, there's no question he'll be back next year.

Beeman commends all first the responders, volunteers and people of Boston who pulled together, Monday.


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