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Georgia woman witnessed Boston bomb explosions


We've checked with all the south Georgians we know of who were in Boston for the marathon, and they are all okay.

No one from our area was hurt, but many of them were close to the blast zone and witnessed the bombings.

Stephanie Freeman of Rochelle was working a shoe event at the Boston Marathon. About an hour before the attack, she was in the VIP stands directly across from where the first bomb went off.

When the bombs exploded, she was in Perimeter Mall and was shaken by the explosions.

"Seconds later I heard the second one and it was very, very loud," said Freeman in a phone interview.  "And the whole mall was stampeded. Kids were run over. And I had to jump over a table to get out of the food court. It was crazy."

Freeman said she went out into the street at the 25 and a half mile line and helped stop and clear the runners. Freeman flew back to Georgia Tuesday . She says she still hopes to run the Boston Marathon soon.

Stephanie Freeman sent us all the pictures you see with this story.


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