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After Boston, are we prepared?


South Georgia law enforcement and emergency management officials today discussed their preparedness in case a bombing happened in our community.   

They say since 911 some complacency may have crept back into America, and the deadly Boston event should remind everyone to be vigilant.   

The big question on everyone's mind as representatives from 23 South Georgia counties Emergency Management met today, are we ready if it happens in our town? 

Georgia Emergency Management Agency Area Two Field Coordinator Gary Rice said "I think we are as ready as we can be.  You always prepare.  We train, we exercise, we get together and share information."

At today's Stop the Violence meeting Albany and Dougherty County law enforcement heads say after learning about the Boston bombings, they had to think about what if it happened here?

Dougherty County Sheriff Kevin Sproul said "Are there any areas where we are weak at?  Are we as fully prepared as a community? "

Albany Police Chief John Proctor said "It's an incident or an action that could happen anywhere."

Both law enforcement heads say some of the urgency after 9-11 has relaxed....but Chief Proctor says this deadly event shows some safeguards have to be strict.

Proctor said "We were accepting of more restrictions.  Since we moved a little bit away from that, that has changed a bit.  We have to be able to get back to give up a few restrictions so we can keep you safe."

All the public safety officials said the main thing was not to let fear end loved events in South Georgia.

Sproul said "As the Sheriff, I hope people don't let this fear overcome and win the battle, so to speak."

Rice said "Our message is, see something, say something. Remain vigilant and just not fearful.  Be aware of your surroundings."

As we wait for more answers about what happened in Boston, law enforcement and emergency management officials prepare and stand guard in case something like this fatal incident happens here.

GEMA and South Georgia law enforcement say the best safeguard is people keeping watch in their community.  They urge you to report it if you see something out of the ordinary.  It's their job to check it out.

All 23 South Georgia counties work together under a Homeland Security agreement and share emergency equipment in case of any attack.

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