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Two Valdosta women race in Boston Marathon

April Scruggs April Scruggs

Valdosta runner Yvette Moore is safe tonight and still in Massachusetts.

She was only 200 yards from the finish line when the first explosion went off at the Boston Marathon.

She says the generosity of strangers got her through this tragedy.

58-year-old Yvette Moore ran her third Boston Marathon yesterday, but it was the first time she did not make it across the finish line. She was just 200 yards from finishing when the first bomb exploded. She says at that point, crossing the finish line was the furthest thing from her mind.

"Just mayhem broke out. Everybody was running toward me as I'm running towards the finish. So I stop and started running the other way and I started panicking a little bit because I wanted to get out from the middle of the street, I wanted to get away from the buildings," said Moore.

Moore found her friend Bob Threlkeld from Atlanta. They made it safely out of the debris and stood on a street corner near a hotel.

"We were freezing, because you're always cold after running that far and the wind started picking up and people in the hotels were giving us their jackets."

But the generosity didn't stop there. No one would allow them inside any buildings or hotels but they found a restaurant that invited them in.

"We were trying to pull our money together to see if we could order something to eat and somebody from the table over came over a put a $100 bill down and said 'Here get something to eat.'"

Moore says she's thankful she and her friends are alive but she's at a loss of words when she thinks of the victims.

"I'm sitting here thinking of these people in New York what they must have gone through. You just don't know unless you've been through it and I'm standing on the street corner crying, because you know people are hurt and killed and it's just devastating."

Moore hopes to fly home to Valdosta tomorrow. She says yesterday's tragedy won't keep her from competing in her favorite race. She says she'll be back at the Boston Marathon next year.

Valdosta native and mother of three, April Scruggs, says yesterday was her third time finishing the Boston Marathon. She was right at the finish line when the first explosion went off. She had finished the race just seven minutes earlier and was waiting for her friends Yvette Moore and Bob Threlkeld.

"I hear and feel the explosion and see the smoke and this lady beside me, it was her first Boston, she's like 'Oh isn't that nice, they're doing fireworks.' And I said 'They don't do fireworks, this is my third Boston, that's a bomb,'" said Scruggs.

Scruggs was so close to the explosions she saw the man in the orange shirt fall to the ground. "I think he has a concussion, some shrapnel hit him. I saw that. I mean it wasn't near me where it would hit me but I saw him go down."

Scruggs says if she would have stuck with her original race plan she thinks should would have been injured by the explosion.

"If I had stayed with bob and waited on him which was the plan and then maybe rushed at the end to finish at a certain time, it would have been me. I mean I would have been there."

But she made it back safely to her hotel before they stopped allowing guests in. She says after seeing yesterday's tragedy, this may have been her last Boston race.

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