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April 15 tax deadline looms near


The clock is ticking for folks who still have to file taxes. Monday, April 15 is the day to pay your taxes and Liberty Tax Services in Albany opened at 9 a.m. Sunday and won't close until midnight on Monday to help last minute filers complete their tax returns.

"This has been a very unusual tax year. It has a lot to do with IRS moving the deadline to January 30. And it kind of gave people that since of procrastination. They haven't gotten over that for this tax season. But even though the IRS moved the beginning to file to January 30, they didn't extend it to April 30," said Becky Elder.

Becky Elder says the IRS is down 10 percent for people that normally file their taxes this time of the year. If you plan to paper file, you have to make sure your taxes are done by 5 p.m. and post marked by 6 p.m. Monday, so it won't be left behind by the mail truck.

"In the past here, our post office had a processing center and they would stay open until midnight to process the returns, you actually could just drive through and they will stamp it for you and send it off. Now the processing center is closed. Therefore we have a mail truck that comes and picks up the mail and picks it up at 6 p.m. If it's not in there at 6 p.m., it don't go," said Tatina Tucker.

Electronically filers have until midnight on Monday to have their tax returns sent in to Uncle Sam. If you choose not to file at all, there will be a price to pay.

"There are hefty failures to file penalties. 5 percent to 25 percent for every month you don't file. However, if you do come in and file, but you don't have the money to pay for it yet, the penalty is only half a percent. So it's in your favor to come in, get those taxes done in a timely manner. The penalty is not as deep as if you don't file at all," said Becky Elder.

Liberty tax says if your tax returns are rejected for any reason, you will have an additional two days to fix any errors.

If you can't finish your taxes by Monday, April 15 you at least need to file an six month extension by the deadline. 

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