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Man pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter of elderly mother


An Albany man is facing up to 10-years in prison after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter for neglecting his 84-year-old mother back in 2006, resulting in her death.

Experts say cases like that are becoming more common and folks at the SOWEGA Council on Aging want you to recognize the signs of elder abuse.

Friday afternoon, Robert Hooks entered a guilty plea of involuntary Manslaughter after fatally neglecting to take care of his 84-year-old mother Jewel Hooks back in June 2006.

He was originally charged with felony murder, but a plea deal reduced those charges.

"He failed to provide appropriate medical attention as a care taker and failed to provide actual substances such as food and water," said Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards.

Hooks may now face ten years in prison for a crime that's becoming more common.

"Well it really makes you sick to your stomach because that's your child. The last person you think that would want to take advantage and hurt you in any way is your child, someone that you love and is close to you. Unfortunately it does happen," said SOWEGA Council on Aging Assistant Director Debbie Blanton.

Blanton says there are red flags you can spot when it comes to elder abuse.

Things such as sudden isolation, missing from activities that person would normally show up to and even financial control could be signs of elder abuse. If you spot this, the last thing you should do is be silent.

"Report, that's the biggest thing I can say. If you even suspect the least little bit call us and we'll give you the number to adult protective services," said Blanton.

"As our population ages we will, have more instances of people that will be vulnerable," said Edwards.

The elder population shouldn't fall in trap of taking abuse in fear of losing their independence.

"Don't let yourself get into a situation where you're too scared to reach and that's what happens many times. They're just scared and would rather stay in an abusive situation than being put out of their home," said Blanton.

Hopefully, this will help prevent cases like Jewel Hooks'.

Robert Hooks will be sentenced at a later date.

Back in 2006 Emergency workers found Jewel hooks in her home covered with bed sores.

If you suspect someone is the victim of elder abuse, please call Adult Protective Services at 1-888-774-0152.


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