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Gwinnett Co. SWAT standoff turns deadly

Suwanee, Ga -

There was a violent end to a hostage situation north of Atlanta, Wednesday night.

SWAT officers shot and killed a gunman who took five firefighters hostage.

That standoff ended about 7:30 Wednesday, about four and a half hours after it began in Gwinnett County.

The suspect was killed and one SWAT officer suffered a minor gunshot wound.

The dramatic standoff ended when a swat team stormed the house where a

Gunman was holding four firefighters hostage. There was an explosion and gunshots.

"Officers made entry into the home. That's what you heard when

You heard the explosions. Gunfire exchanged between the suspect an our swat

team and the suspect is deceased at this time," said Cpl. Edwin Ritter with the Gwinnett County Police.

The four firefighters, who are also EMT technicians, sustained superficial wounds. A swat officer was shot in the hand or arm.   The injury is not life-threatening.

"We're all very thankful that our firefighters are okay, that

The police officer is going to be ok. Our thoughts and prayers are with this

Individual's family," said Fire Department Captain Tommy Rutledge.

The ordeal began around 5pm when five firefighters responded to what was thought to be a routine medical emergency.

One firefighter was allowed to leave to move a fire truck. The suspect started making demands.

"His demands were to have his power turned back on. Apparently he

Was going through some financial issues. The power was turned off, he

Wanted them all turned back on and that's why he was holding them hostage," said Ritter.

Police had been in communication with the suspect and even provided food

"It got to a point where we believed their lives were in

Immediate danger and the swat team made the decision to go in there and

Neutralize the situation," said Ritter.

Investigators have not released the name of the suspect.

The four firefighters were taken to a hospital to be check out but were expected to be released later Wednesday night.


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