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Suspected repeat meth cooker is back in jail


A suspected repeat meth cooker is back in jail, just three weeks after he was released for the same crime.

Thomas County Narcotics agents say 41-year old Josh Whitaker was cooking meth at a mobile home on Myrick Road.

Whitaker was just released from jail three weeks ago on a $26,000 bond.

Narcotics agents called in Thomas County Fire and EMS because of toxic smoke throughout the house.

They also found a hot plate, gas generator, and a glass jar containing meth oil.

"If this thing would have caught on fire it would have been a mess. Lucky for us we were able to stop it before it got to that. We did have fire on scene just in case for two reasons. In case of a fire and number two to pull the toxic smoke out from the floor," said Narcotics Commander Kevin Lee.

Whitaker now faces new charges of manufacturing meth, meth possession, and unlawful possession of ephedrine.

This time he was denied bond.


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