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Uncle accused of poisoning niece and nephew with bleach


A Thomasville woman says she is still trying to understand what could cause her brother to poison her kids.

19-year old Taji Glenn is in jail accused of making his eight-month-old nephew and two-year-old niece sick by pouring bleach in their milk.

When Kanetria Flemming arrived at her mother's house on Saturday, March 30th, she didn't know why her children were so sick.

"Basically my kids were sick all day Saturday. My son, he had diarrhea all day. My daughter, she had thrown up four times in 45 minutes."

Flemming says back at her Hardaway Street home the next morning, her children were feeling better and she was getting ready to give her eight-month-old son his bottle.

"I went downstairs and when I checked the milk it was like a brown color and when I sniffed it, it smelled like bleach. Straight bleach. The cleaning product."

It was at this point that Flemming called the police and EMS.

"Officers arrived, began an investigation, and they also noticed the milk was a brownish color. And that it also had a strong bleach smell to it," said Detective Louis Schofill.

Flemming says on most days, her milk having a similar brown color would not be out of the ordinary.

"With the milk in the container I would put cereal in it, so that gave it the brown color. But I knew I hadn't put any cereal in that jug of milk so its been crazy."

Thomasville Police called in the GBI to assist with the investigation.

Flemming's brother Taji Glenn was arrested Monday.

And police say they do have one theory as to why the milk was bleached.

"Mr. Glenn's girlfriend and the mother of the children got into an argument about some clothing. There was some speculation that this argument over clothing led to the bleach getting put into the milk and damaging the children," said Schofill.

But investigators say as of now, they do not think Glenn's girlfriend Natasha Burton was involved with the crime.

"She has been interviewed and as of right now the only person that's going to be arrested is Taji Glenn, but that may change in the future," said Schofill.

Flemming says luckily her kids were able to get all of the bleach out of their system and should be ok.

Glenn is charged with two counts of aggravated assault and two counts of cruelty to a child.

He was denied bond and remains in the Thomas County Jail.


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