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Two arrested after high speed chase in Sumter County

Sheriff Pete Smith, Sumter County Sheriff's Department Sheriff Pete Smith, Sumter County Sheriff's Department
Jerry Anwar Davis Jerry Anwar Davis
Briana Kimbrough Briana Kimbrough

Two people are in the Sumter County Jail tonight after a wild chase that was caught on tape.

After a man returned home to an unusual car parked in his driveway, he saw two unidentified people rushing out from the back door of his house. He immediately called for help.

Shortly after, police were in a high speed chase with the suspects from Americus through Plains.

"They were in the process of taking. They had done kicked the front door of the house in. They were inside the residence. The guy saw...the owner of the property saw inside the residence, and they were over near his gun case," said Sheriff Pete Smith, Sumter County Sheriff's Department.

Police said 35-year-old Jerry Anwar Davis and 21-year-old Briana Kimbrough drove off in a white '99 Dodge Durango after burglarizing the house. They said Davis and Kimbrough didn't make off with any of the guns house, and spotted the two driving down the road shortly after the crime.

"Fortunately we had several vehicles in the area. One of our patrol units spotted a vehicle meeting this description in the area of 49 & 280," said Smith.

Police chased Davis and Kimbrough heading westbound on 280.  Officers said Davis sped over 90 miles an hour. They also said he swerved around traffic and often drove on the wrong side of the road.

As the chase continued, the dash cam video showed Webster County Deputies and Georgia State Patrol officers working with Sumter County deputies to bring the car to a stop.

"What you try to do is you try to box them in. You slow 'em down so much to where they can't go without hitting another vehicle or anything. He'll be charged with numerous traffic violations," said Smith.

Both will be charged with burglary and other charges related to running from police. No serious injuries were reported from the crime. While authorities caught up with these suspects, Smith says people should still try to be safe.

"Be mindful of your surroundings and what's going on. You see something usually something that people need to be made aware of and careful and cautious about," Smith said.

He says anyone noticing anything out of the ordinary should call 911 right away.

Kimbrough also has a criminal history and was recently released from Sumter County Jail on bond. Both suspects are back in jail tonight.

Officers impounded the car. They didn't find any weapons or drugs, and are still investigating the burglary.

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