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Driver leaves behind dog dragged behind truck


Some Longview motorists say they were horrified to see a dog being dragged by a chain behind a truck, and then the driver just speeding away. It happened on McCann road near the Longview Mall in plain sight of several motorists. With scrapes, cuts and bruises, a dog nicknamed Rose is lucky to be alive.

"The dog was chained in the bed of the pickup truck. It was a dark-colored pickup, either a Ford or a Chevy. And it looked like it was trying to get out," says Logan Miller, who saw the incident.

Miller says he then saw Rose jump out of the truck.

"Still on the chain, probably dragged it 100-150 feet, it was tumbling and fur was flying everywhere," Miller says.

Passing motorists saw the dog was still attached to the chain and being dragged about 150 feet before the chain broke. Witnesses say what happened next was totally unexpected.

"He saw what happened, he started to slow down, but the chain snapped and he stopped slowing down and kept going and I was kind of in shock," he says.

The driver disappeared and motorists got out to care for the dog, catching her in a nearby apartment section.

"It was running around the road limping," says Miller. City ordinance requires animals to be secured or tethered so that they can't fall, jump or be thrown out of a pickup bed.

"She's doing a lot better despite all the trauma she went through," says Clancy Cox , who's caring for Rose.

Rose has received vet care and is staying at the Good Dog Academy.

"We want the original owners to come forward and give us an explanation of what happened. What Rose is going to need is for someone to come forward and foster her," says Cox.

But the incident still has Miller shaking his head.

"That kind of person probably doesn't care about their animals that much," he says.

Anyone interested in giving a foster home to Rose is asked to call the Good Dog Academy in Longview. If the owner of the animal is identified, they could face charges of animal cruelty in the incident.

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