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Cell phone turns 40

Angelica Troy, Cell phone user Angelica Troy, Cell phone user
Cassandra Jackson, AT&T Store Manager Cassandra Jackson, AT&T Store Manager
Roger Russell, Cell Phone User Roger Russell, Cell Phone User

Can you imagine life without your cell phone? Many people can't, but it hasn't been that long since the cell phone was invented.

The first ever cell phone call was made on April 3, 1973. Forty Years later phones, have morphed from clunky battery packs to mini-computers.

Cell phones are everywhere today. People take them on personal errands or to work, and often never leave them at home. Some even feel anxiety without their phones.

"I feel like a void. Like I'm missing something. It's kind of like a safety...a safety hazard for me," said Angelica Troy, cell phone user.

But forty years ago it was a different world. Martin Cooper invited reporters to witness the first cell phone call in 1973, and people were in disbelief. That Motorola phone weighed more than two-pounds and was ten inches long.

But today cellular phones have morphed into miniature computers that can do just about anything.

"Smart phones, you know, have the ability to do your social networking, which is Facebook, Instagram. So much that you can do with those smart phones now. Emailing. So that's definitely been a really important factor to all of our customers," said Cassandra Jackson, AT&T Store Manager.

Most of the people we spoke with had a newer iPhone or Android. And as technology continues to advance, many people look back on their first mobile phones with a smile.

"I remember my first cell phone was...I don't think you could put it in any pocket that you had on any pants," said Roger Russell, cell phone user. "The old one flipped down...um, lost reception every time you turned the corner. It was horrible!"

We've come a long way since that first call, which begs the question, "what will phones be like 40 years from now?"

"The person, like a hologram phone basically. You can just call up and a person be standing right up in front of you," said Troy.

"Phones might be walking next to us, I don't know. Flying around," said Eric Williams, cell phone user.

Maybe they won't be flying, but only time holds the key to the next advancement.

Phones have also become much more affordable today than they were forty years ago. The first commercially available phones didn't become available until 1983, and cost about $4,000. Today, some of the simpler phones can be purchased for under $100.

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