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Current version of GED test expires in December


The current version of the GED test is about to expire, and south Georgia educators want to make sure Georgians don't get left behind.

A new version will be unveiled next year, and all partially completed tests and scores will be obsolete at the end of this year.

Current Southwest Georgia Tech Adult Education student Alison Acutt has completed four out of the five sections of the GED test over the last year.

But now she says she has extra motivation to finish section five before the end of the year.

"It's really important to finish this year before the new testing comes in because I've done so much for this, it's be a shame to kind of waste it and have to move on to an entirely new system and take however long to get over it."

The National GED Testing Service in Washington, DC created an updated version of the test which will replace the current version.

So if you have completed any sections of the current test, you need to make sure to finish all five this year.

"If you leave it all till December than you're going to feel rushed and you're not going to be as good and your grades aren't going to be as good and than your going to start from the beginning again and that would be a shame for some people," said Acutt.

Another GED change is the test is now all computer based.

And Georgia was a pilot state for the new format.

"In the past it has always been a pencil and paper test. Today it is only offered on the computer, so our students had to make that adjustment. At this point in time that adjustment is going real well. Our pass rate actually is up," said SWGTC Executive Director Of Adult Education Dale Aldridge.

If you were to sit down and take all five sections at once, you will be sitting for around seven and a half hours.

So waiting until the last minute is not recommended.

"So it is a long day. We do offer Saturday testing, occasionally. Give those people who work during the week, an opportunity to come in and take the test, but rarely do I encourage anyone to sit down and take the test all at one time," said Aldridge.

"I think it's very important to pace yourself so you can know what you're doing and feel confident when you go into the test. You have a self-confidence that you can pass the test and answer all of the questions," said Acutt.

Acutt says the last subject she needs to pass is Math.

She says while it is her toughest subject, she is confident she will pass before the deadline.

The last day the current test will be offered in Thomasville is Tuesday, December 19.


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