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Bainbridge increases mosquito killing tactics



Many folks once prayed for it during the recent drought, but now they're dreading it because of the invasion of mosquitoes.

"It's a lot worse than usual. It's like one day we woke up and the mosquitoes were here," said City Communications Director Adrienne Harrison.

The clouds really opened up over Bainbridge the last few months, resulting in severe flooding of the Flint River and other water systems.

City workers got an early start applying larvicide and spraying mosquito killing mists throughout the city.

City officials say up until now, they have been spraying for mosquitoes five days a week, but since the problem seems to be getting worse, they are upping that to six.

Avid turkey hunters like Bainbridge Public Safety Major Robert Humphrey, and other community members, have definitely noticed the increase.

"Its been terrible this last month. More so than it was last year at this time. Normally you see it more later on when it's a little hotter. This time of spring shouldn't have so many mosquitoes. It's a terrible situation," said Humphrey.

"We've gotten a lot of reaction from the community. Mostly complaining about the amount of mosquitoes. I've gotten them at my office, we've had them call at city hall, I think some of our city council members have even gotten calls for it. So are doing the best we can," said Harrison.

Tuesday night, the Bainbridge City Council voted to pay about $15,000 for 330 gallons of the chemical used to spray for mosquitoes.

"Mosquitoes carry many diseases. One being the West Nile Virus. A few years ago I think we even had some outbreaks of West Nile. So it's definitely worth the tax payers money to invest in the mosquito spraying," said Harrison.

But there are a few home remedies for the pests.

"One thing is to get rid of standing water. You don't want that around. And the other thing is if you have ponds and other things around your house, you can buy larvicide tablets to put in them to help with the mosquito problem," said Harrison.

They city is adding a second mosquito truck to make sure every area of town is sprayed enough times.


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