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Dual meth lab busts a rarity

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Drug agents say they are concerned by growing evidence of methamphetamine in South Georgia, and the danger that poses to communities.

Albany Dougherty Drug Unit agents busted two meth labs in Albany Tuesday afternoon.

The operations weren't connected, but drug agents say the cases show them the number of meth labs in South Georgia is growing.

One of these meth labs was discovered in a car, the other in a motel room. Both had lots of dangerous chemicals that could be deadly for people close by if something went wrong.

All the equipment needed to make meth found in a Ford Ranger pick up truck during a traffic stop on Radium Springs Road about 1:30 Tuesday afternoon. 38 year old Wyatt Lastinger was one of three people in the truck, who took off running and fought Dougherty County Police until he was tased. Drug agents say the chemicals could turn a minor wreck into a disaster.

 A.D.D.U. Commander Major Bill Berry said "The hazard of a mobile lab is just unbelievable. Because you have a rolling time bomb possible."

About 4 o'clock, Georgia Probation Officers called in Drug Agents about a reported meth lab in Superior Creek Lodge on North Slappey. Raiding room 256 they found all these supplies for cooking meth, including large cans of camp stove fluid, starter fluid, and ether. Three people inside the room were arrested.

Berry said "If that spilled or the top was left open. And somebody started smoking or there was some kind of flash, or something happened."

Drug agents say both mobile meth labs are relatively small operations, but know there are many more out there with meth becoming more widely used in South Georgia.

Berry said "Pain pills are getting very expensive and other drugs are also getting expensive. You turn around and spend a couple of hundred dollars and you can make $500 off of it. That's an easy profit, if you don't blow yourself up."

And more of these mobile meth labs in motel rooms or cars on the road could make them a real danger to everyone in the community. That's why drug agents say finding these mobile meth labs is so important.

This is the first time in nearly ten years that Albany Dougherty Drug Agents have found two meth labs in the same day. Agents say it concerns them, because it probably means the number of meth labs in the area is increasing. Drug agents say these meth labs were small.

Both used the one bottle cooking style.

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