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Man charged with theft by taking


A 24-year-old man was arrested and charged with theft by taking after grabbing a Leesburg man's phone and dragging him with his car at the Albany mall Thursday.

Albany Police Officers received a tip from a concerned citizen this morning about the driver and the white Mustang involved.

Sergeant Dale Henry followed up with the call and confirmed the vehicle located on Barfield Avenue.

The driver, Richard Bodiford, was in the Dougherty County jail for unrelated charges. He was taken to the Sheriff's office for questioning yesterday and charged with theft by taking.

He is now back in Dougherty County jail.

Around 7:30 Thursday night Michael Loubier was dragged on the back of the car driven by Bodiford after he let use his cell phone outside the Albany Mall.

"I said that would be alright. I didn't really want to, but I felt bad for him," Loubier said.

As soon as the man put the phone to his ear-- "He hits the gas. I reached out to grab him. I couldn't grab him so I went to bang on the car. I grabbed the spoiler and at that point, the car was going 15 mph," Loubier said.

Loubier hit the pavement suffering cuts to his face and arms and hands. He also suffered a concussion.

He says sadly he'll have to think twice now about being a Good Samaritan. He's just glad he's around to talk about it. 

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