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Moultrie child struck by car bumper


 A four year old child is recovering in Colquitt County after being hit by a car. The Colquitt County Sheriff Office says 15-year-old Makayla Sellers was moving a van at a home on Cook Road Wednesday.

When deputies arrived on seen they found Cecelia Gregory lying on the ground. Deputies say it appears the girl was only struck by the bumper and not run over. They say you need to be aware of how big you're the blind spot is in your car.

 "Some of your bigger SUVs and truck type vehicles, if there was a 24 inch object behind the vehicle, you would have to move that object back approximately 15 or 20 feet before you could even see it in the mirrors. A lot of people ain't aware there is that big a blind spot behind your vehicle," said Inv. Shannon Hart.

Gregory was transported Colquitt County Medical Center for treatment for minor cuts to her hips and legs. She was released this morning.


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