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Blood centers need O-neg donors this week


Between Easter and Spring Break, south Georgia traffic will be high over the next week.

And whenever any holiday approaches, the need for blood, especially O-negative, increases dramatically.

And this time is no different.

Real Estate Agent Len Powell is no stranger to the world of blood donation.

Powell has donated more blood at the Southeastern Community Blood Center in Thomasville than anyone else.

And his slot on the Wall of Fame can prove it.

"I always feel like if I do it when I can and then when I need blood at some point it will be there for me. So I always try to do what I can," said Powell.

Powell was donating platelets this morning because he knows the need for blood increases during holiday periods.

"With so many people on the highways and traveling, it's important to have a strong, healthy, O-negative blood supply. Just in case of those emergency situations," said Blood Center Rep. Carol Daws.

While the blood center will gladly accept any blood type, O-negative is in the highest demand.

"We need O-negative blood. It's the universal blood type. Anyone can use it in any situation. Especially if it is needed quickly," said Daws.

Blood center officials say the biggest reason people choose not to donate is because they are scared of the process.

"It's really easy. The actual donations is only about seven to 10 minutes long. And all the rest is just paperwork and answering questions and making sure it's suitable for you to do," said Daws.

All the blood that is collected at one of Southeastern Community Blood Centers, stays in the south Georgia/north Florida area.

"By keeping it local, it's extremely important. It makes me feel more comfortable giving," said Powell.

And each donation can save up to three lives.

There are two upcoming blood drives in our area.

The Cordele Community Clubhouse is hosting one on Tuesday and Valdosta State will have one on Wednesday.


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