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Homeless fed on Good Friday


A man hoping to spread the Christian faith fed the homeless for Good Friday this afternoon. Fish and Bread ministry hosted four feedings around town to those in need.

A pastor known as 'Minister Mann' handed out the food to down on their luck men and women. Food he prepared himself, but he says he got a little help from above. 

Forgotten faces with no place to go were given a meal in celebration of Easter and Good Friday. That's because a Cordele minister handed out home cooked food on the corner of Lincoln Avenue and South Slappey Boulevard in Albany.

But the food also came with a chance to get in touch with the Holy Spirit.   "Everybody can come and put their prayer in the box.  Because a lot of guys out here may not make it to church, but church is here.  We bring church to them," said Minister Zeddie Mann, of Fish and Bread Ministries.

Mann has been feeding the homeless for years, giving out food at four locations around Albany twice a week.  And he says all his time with the homeless has reminded him that they aren't that different.

"These people are just like everybody else.  Just like everybody else, but you know, they gather.  A lot of them are homeless; a lot of them don't have a home.  Some of them sleep in vans; some of them sleep in old trucks or whatever," said Mann.

Many have families they've lost touch with, like this woman who isn't able to spend Easter with her family this year. But she wanted to send her three sons a message.

"I wish Happy Easter to Tony Rayon, Evan James Jackson and Derry Deon Jackson.  Peace!"  said participant Lettie Jackson. 

Mann says he prepares all the food himself, and pays for the expenses out of pocket. But he says God always helps him provide for those in need. Mann also handed out some certificates to a few who have musical talent.

"We try to uplift everybody's spirit when they come through here, especially if they have some kind of talent.  We want the talent to be recognized, and we want to reward them in some way for that,"  said Mann.

 Some of the homeless who didn't want to appear on camera told us they're thankful for the help Mann provides every week. Another man said he's thankful to God this year and is just living one day at a time. 

Mann says he prepared 52 meals for the day, and wants to thank Gillionville Baptist churches for their help this year.

Mann gives out food every Monday and Friday.  He also says food and clothing donations are always welcome. 

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