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Adel woman searches for long lost brother


An Adel woman asks your help tonight in her search for her long lost brother.

She believes he lives in south Georgia. It's a secret her father has kept hidden from her her entire life. And now she's trying to find him. WALB News Ten's Lydia Jennings has the story.

"My mama always said, if you see your brother you will know -- he looks exactly like your dad." Barbara Giddens says before her mother passed away she told her she had a brother, but Giddens' father, William Boyd Langley, would never tell her any details.

"I mentioned several, several times 'I promise I won't try to find him, until you're gone.' But he still wouldn't tell me, he wouldn't tell me. So when he passed away 2 weeks ago, I said I was going to do what I could to find him," said Giddens.

The only details Giddens knows is that around 1943 to 1945 when Langley was 16 to 17 years old he worked in the cotton mill in Tifton and met a young woman and had a son with her. Giddens says her parents would never tell she and her sister what their brothers name was but they knew he looked exactly like their father.

"I do know that every now and then they would disappear to Tifton and we were never told why they went to Tifton, and we had always wondered if they had went to see him," said Giddens.

Giddens says about ten years ago her sister saw an identical man resembling her father at the VFW in Nashville. "She says she was just so surprised. She said 'I'm sorry I have the wrong person' and backed up. And she stood there and just watched him. And she said he stood just like our daddy, he held his cigarette just like that, he had the curly hair; she says it was him."

Giddens spends hours a day reaching ancestry websites, census records, and reaching out to people in Tifton and Fitzgerald, the town her father was born in.

"He's my brother; I don't care who he is, where's he's been what he's done, he's my brother. I want to know him, I want to know what kind of childhood he had, and I want to know if he has family," said Giddens.

And it's a search she says she will never give up on, and is asking the community's help finding him.

If you know a man resembling those pictures living in the Tift and Irwin County area, about 68 to 70-years-old, please contact Barbara Giddens at 229-507-0898 or e-mail her at

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