Ministry feeds homeless on Good Friday

A man hoping to spread the Christian faith fed the homeless for Good Friday this afternoon. Fish and Bread Ministry hosted four feedings around town to those in need.

A pastor known as Minister Mann handed out the food to down on their luck men and women. Food he prepared himself, but he says he got a little help from above.   At 5:00, Devin Knight brings us more on these meals for the body and the soul.

  • Georgia's Fist Lady was in our area today, and we have details from Ashburn.
  • Also, a man says his act of kindness back fired and landed him in the hospital. He wants the thief who did it caught.
  • An agreement on next year's final budget will spare Pre-K through twelfth grade budgets. Krystyne Brown has details later.
  • We are reporting not one but two trailer thefts today. Police hope you see the property and call Crimestoppers at 436-TIPS.
  • Ag Secretary Gary Black was in the region today, and we hear from him at 7:00.

Have a great Easter Weekend and join WALB at 5:00!