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GA gun bill fails


Information from the GA Pundit-

 The bills to expand concealed carry rights failed because of differences between the chambers on campus carry. Rep. Alan Powell blamed the Board of Regents, saying:

"The Board of Regents has been opposed to this since day one and, yes, they are the fourth branch of government," he said. "We were fighting an uphill battle."

Senate Bill 101 would have expanded where guns are allowed in Georgia, including much of college campuses. It passed the House by a vote of 116-55 but stalled in the Senate over the issue of guns on campuses.

Here is the AP story: 

ATLANTA (AP) - Gun laws in Georgia will not change in 2013.

House leaders said they could not come to an agreement with key senators over whether to expand gun possession rights on college campuses in Georgia.

While a conference committee released a compromise plan late Thursday, lawmakers supporting it were unable to force a vote before a midnight deadline. As a result, the legislation failed.

Both sides had agreed to allow local K-12 school boards to choose whether to arm certain school employees and allow churches to choose whether to allow concealed weapons on their property.

But House members wanted to relax restrictions for college students. Senate leaders sided with college executives who want to keep their existing bans on concealed weapons.

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