Viewpoint: Make Cutliff toe the line

We have not only heard that taxpayers are upset much more like outraged, that the Cutliff Grove Family Resource Center wants the Albany City Commission to restructure the center's debt, on a low-income housing project it took over from the city in 2008.

They want the principal reduced on a one and a half million HUD block grant to manage the South Albany New Nativity Village housing complex. They also want to do away with the 3% interest, so they can make nearly a half-million dollars in repairs.

It's obvious that Cutliff Grove bit off more than they can chew. We agree with Albany City manager who said: "Frankly, I don't think officials understood what it takes to run a project of this magnitude."

There's no question that there's a need for low income housing developments in Albany; but this situation illustrates an equally important need, for adequate supervision of who gets the money for these projects and how it's handled.

Have city leaders forgotten, we had to return $374,000 in tax dollars from Cutliff's last proposed housing project?

After taking the money, not a shovel of dirt was moved after five years City leaders are taking some time to figure out how to proceed. Most of us want to offer some advice: just say no!

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