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Murder suspect indicted


Prosecutors say new evidence shows a 24-year old Albany woman shot and killed Army veteran Anthony Westbrook  last summer.

Sade Britt was indicted Wednesday night on malice and felony murder and numerous fraud and theft charges.

In October a magistrate judge dropped the initial murder charges against Britt.  But prosecutors insist they have a stronger case now.

The magistrate dropped those murder charges against Britt because of a lack of evidence. The District Attorney today says he has the evidence now to prove Britt fired the deadly shot.

The indictment says 24 year old Sade Britt fired the shot to the back of the head to kill 52 year old Anthony Westbrook. In April, Westbrook's body was found lying on a mattress in this illegal dump site in the 1700 bock Westtown Road. Investigators say this was Britt, April 3rd, masked, using Westbrook's debit card at a downtown Albany bank ATM, driving his car. The next day Westbrook's body was found.

 Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards said "We do know more about what happened in this situation, to the point we believe we can prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt at this time."

Following her arrest, at a preliminary hearing, the murder charges against Britt were dropped because of a lack of evidence. The D.A. says their continuing investigation uncovered more forensic evidence and witness testimony they need to prove the murder charges.

 Edwards said "But every investigation is ongoing, and since that particular magistrate hearing there has been more evidence that has been developed."

Investigators suspect there were more people involved in Westbrook's murder, but no one else has been charged yet.

Edwards said "The investigation continues and there could be more developments, that's for sure."

Investigators say this surveillance photo led to a number of community tips leading to the arrest of Sade Britt. Now finally an indictment in the murder case. 

At the time of Westbrook's murder, Sade Britt was out of jail on bail, after being charged with aggravated assault for attacking a woman with a gun. Those charges are still pending, but the District Attorney says he plans to try Britt for the murder first.

The District Attorney says he does not plan to go after the death penalty against Britt.

The earliest her trial could be scheduled is July.

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