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Victim speaks out after daytime burglary


You may think crime is more common at night, but many home break-ins happen during the day when people are at work.

In Thomasville, police say that problem is bad and getting worse.

Zena Johnson says when she came home from work Tuesday, her house was a disaster. "The drawers pulled out, clothes everywhere, kitchen cabinets open. Just a mess."

Johnson says her daughter first noticed the Fletcher Street home was broken into.

"She called me to tell me my side door was open, that she came inside saw that my TV was missing. So I told her to call the police and when she called the police she came in and all my stuff was missing."

Johnson says the thief or thieves took two Tv's, a DVD player, laptop, and other electronics.

They even stole change out of a small piggy bank.

"We get out here and work hard for our stuff just to get it taken away from us. Then you have to start all over again. And they are just walking around taking stuff that aint theirs. It's crazy."

While this wasn't the case in the Johnson break-in, police say people are leaving their windows and doors unlocked throughout the day.

"We still are seeing a lot of incidents where victims have left doors un-secure or windows un-secure which is making it easier for the criminals to commit these crimes," said Lt. Eric Hampton.

Johnson says while she has lived in Thomasville her whole life, she just moved into this house a month ago.

"When you move into a new house, get your locks changed on your doors. Get yourself an alarm system and I don't know. Nowadays it's good to buy yourself a gun and get it registered. I know they say we're not supposed to, but it's crazy."

Johnson says she thinks a small crowbar was used to break into her side door.

She says the burglars must have left in a hurry because when she came home, she found the tool just sitting on her bed.

If you know anything about that break-in or any other burglary in Thomasville, police ask you to call their CrimeStoppers hotline at 229-227-3305 or Text A Tip by sending THPD to 274-637.


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