City delays decision on controversial housing development

Albany city commissioners spent two hours tonight discussing a rezoning issue and listening to homeowners who are against it. In the end, they delayed a vote. Tonight at 11:00, we'll tell you why. We'll also tell you why the developer says the project would help the city and why nearby residents oppose it.

  • A man wanted for murder in Florida is in jail in south Georgia tonight. We'll tell you how he was caught.
  • Health officials issue a pertussis warning. Find out how you can protect your family from whooping cough.
  • A scammer police say has been posing as a repairman and stealing from businesses throughout Georgia apparently hit two places in our area this week.
  • And a Georgia man goes to court today, accused of using facebook to solicit sex from a 12 year-old. Hear from an expert on how to protect your children while they're on the internet, tonight at 11:00.