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350 Moody Airmen deploy


350 troops from Moody Air Force Base are on their way to a war zone tonight. They left home this afternoon. It's Moody's largest deployment in six months. WALB News Ten's Lydia Jennings was there as the airmen said goodbye to their families.

350 Moody airmen said their last goodbyes to their loved ones today before taking off overseas. It'll be about half a year until these families can reunite again.

"I'm excited to go do the job that I'm trained to do, but at the same time I'm getting ready to miss six months of these guy's lives. And that's going to be hard, coming back and seeing the changes that I've missed," said Airman First Class, Alex Newport.

"I'm definitely sad to be away from my family for six months but I'm proud to serve my county and we got to do what we got to do," said Staff Sergeant, Landon McManis.

For some of these airmen its even hard to say goodbye to their four-legged friends. Baxley is getting to spend these last few hours with her dad.

For security reasons Moody will not release their destination until the airmen arrive safely. The airmen deploying include, plane maintenance, supply, pilots, and air crew; All of which will most likely see combat.

"This one, he knows I work on airplanes, and what daddy goes and does, but I have a job to go do and that's what I'm going to go do and they're going to be okay with that," said Newport.

Newport says it's important to remember how rough deploying was for past war veterans. He says he couldn't do it without technology like Skype. "You know there's a level of respect gone in today's military because of that. I don't think we appreciate what they went through and we take these things for granted."

These airmen say they just want to get the job done and get home safely.

All of the airmen will be going to the same base in southwest Asia.

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