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Donor leads effort to replace stolen trailer


With information from the Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society

Thanks to one generous donor, and a local media outlet, the Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society's (TTCHS) stolen recycling trailer could soon be replaced. The 5-foot by 8-foot trailer was stolen from the animal shelter two weeks ago.

This trailer was used for fund-raising purposes; supporters would donate used aluminum cans which the TTCHS would redeem for money at the local recycling center. Monies collected from this recycling would go towards feeding and caring for the many animals housed at the Humane Society.

Walker Alexander, a resident of Thomasville and Atlanta, read on the local newspaper's website about the Humane Society's stolen trailer.  "I just couldn't believe someone would do that," he said.

He was so appalled by the news that he has pledged $1,000 to the Shelter to go towards the purchase of a replacement trailer.

"It was a way to help out in a community dear to my heart, as well as my wife Jennifer's, and a way to help those animals who need care," he said.

"We are so grateful to Mr. Alexander and his wife for their donation," said Ed Williams, of the Humane Society. "Everyone was so disappointed that someone would steal from us, but this donation has helped raise our spirits again. We are so lucky to have the support of such a close-knit community that always demonstrates such generosity."

Williams estimates a replacement trailer will cost $1,000-$1,500, but will have to get quotes as the trailer was custom-made.

"The TTCHS still hopes to find the perpetrators who took their trailer and encourages anyone with information to report it immediately.

The Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society is a charitable organization committed to promoting the humane treatment of animals through a variety of means, including adoption programs, foster care programs, spay and neuter services, and community education projects with the long-term goal of eliminating unwarranted euthanasia.


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