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Huge road block nets over 100 citations, arrests


It's Spring Break for many south Georgia students. That means a lot of travelers are on the road, and law enforcers are working to make sure they're safe.

Friday night road checks in Thomasville resulted in 93 citations and 23 arrests. Officers hope drivers get the message. 

If you were driving in or around Thomasville Friday night, you may have been surprised to see police officers from Albany, Cairo, or Moultrie.

And if you were one of the 116 cited or arrested, it may not have been a pleasant surprise.

"We hope that our young people and even our older people will look at this and see that we are serious about getting offenders off the roadway. And we are serious about making sure that our citizens are safe in vehicles as well as pedestrians," said Lt. Eric Hampton.

The Southwest Georgia Traffic Enforcement Network picked Thomasville for one night of unannounced road checks.

"We don't want them just to get prepared for that night and not drive that night and then go back to drinking the next night and kill someone or hurt someone," said Hampton.

And officers were not just on the lookout for drunk drivers.

Thomas County Narcotics Agents were working a road block at Smith Avenue and Kern Street when they smelled a strong odor of marijuana from an approaching Chevy Malibu.

Durrian Pace, Enrico Hill, and Darryl Jackson were in possession of several bags of marijuana, a semiautomatic firearm, and a whole lot of cash.

"Each of them had large sums of money on them. Each one of them were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. And over $7,000 was seized from the vehicle," said Narcotics Commander Kevin Lee

Lee says any time you increase the number of police officers on the road, you in turn make them safer.

"Anytime law enforcement is out there and you see them like that, you may not have had your seat belt on, but you're going to put your seat belt on. So it's a good thing."

All charges were filed by Thomasville Police and Georgia State Patrol who also assisted in the road checks.

Other violations cited Friday night included seat belt infractions, expired tags, open containers, and DUI.


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