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Basketball fans survive huge oak fall


Sunday night's high winds sent a huge oak tree crashing last night in Albany. Two trucks were crushed by the tree which narrowly missed a home filled with people watching a basketball game.

This morning they realized just how close they came to serious injury or death.

"We hear something that sounds like thunder and then, Boom! We come out and this is what we see," said a shaken  David Noel.

A giant oak landed on top of two pickup truck, near Stone bridge Country Club. Noel and a group of friends had gathered on  Indian Creek Drive to watch March Madness. The real madness was how close this tree came to crushing the home and everyone inside it.

"We would've been crushed just like those vehicles," said Noel.

"I thought I was back in Iraq," said William Bardge. He can laugh a little now. His home was mostly spared but his Ford pickup is totaled. The weight of tree so much that it blew out the tires.

The heavy rains we've been dealt along with Sunday night's strong wind gusts were mightier than a mighty oak. "It sounded like a bomb had dropped," said Bardge.

 Despite the scare of a lifetime and the loss of two trucks, Bardge and friends are just glad to be around this morning to see the damage.

"I have been [counting my blessings]. I've been praying most of the night. Thank you, Jesus!," said Noel.

"If it had fell the way it was supposed to have fell, it would've killed everybody in the house. We're just blessed. Just blessed," said Bardge.

Misdirection or not, it's clear someone was watching out for these guys.

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