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Westover Student says yes to unusual prom invite


As T'asia McCartherens wraps up her high school career at Westover High school, she anxiously waits to hear from potential universities.

On Friday she was called to her school's guidance office where she was told a college letter was waiting.

As T'asia read through the letter she was shocked and confused to read an acceptance from a school called Prom University, but she didn't know her friend Nytrellis Ross was waiting just outside the door.

"So I started to read the letter and at the bottom it said ‘will you go to prom with me?' and I was like hold up..Something's not right about this. So I was just blushing and when he came in, I gave him a big hug. It was just wonderful," said McCartherens.

Ross says they were talking about college a lot recently, so he came up with the idea to use an acceptance letter to ask the big question.

He was the brains behind the invitation but he had some help from her family, friends and school guidance counselor.

"I think she was more excited than I was. I didn't expect her to make it look as real as she did. She made a seal for it and everything. She did a great job and she helped a lot," said Ross.

Both students have been to prom before and T'asia was even thinking about not attending this year..but all it took was a special date to change her mind.

"I knew I was going to say yes because it was the perfect opportunity with the perfect guy. So, I was happy about it," said McCartherens.

Ross says he wanted it to be more than just the typical question and more like a promise for a memorable ending to they're high school careers.

Westover High school's prom is next month at the Hilton Garden Inn.

T'Asia is still undecided about where she will attend college next fall but Nytrellis has decided to go to Cumberland University in Tennessee.

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