Gang 'summit' proposed

An Albany man is calling on former gang members and those who came from the streets to help put an end to all the violence in the community.

Today, Jeffery Walker met up with local leaders, police officers, preachers and others for a gang summit, where gang leaders were encouraged to stop by

When our cameras weren't rolling, he says some leaders did show up. But he's not stopping there. He's just getting started. Stephanie Springer will have the full story at 6:00.

  • Albany's Air Tower is on the closure list. See the other 148 HERE.
  • While this weekend's projected wet weather may hinder your plans outdoors, certain south Georgia businesses are counting on it. Stephen Abel has the details at 7:00.
  • The murder of a baby during a robbery in Brunswick is making national news. We try to learn more about the police search at 5:00.
  • If you hunt or operate a boat, don't mix it with alcohol. A new bill ccould become law soon.
  • Turner Elementary School students picked the name for a new kangaroo at Chehaw Park. Krystyne Brown shares that story this evening.
  • Irisha Jones has the latest of the quest to keep the downtown Post Office operating, and we have that for you at 6:00.
  • Be aware that foul weather could hit late Saturday night.

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