Viewpoint: Let's help our police

As good as many south Georgia police investigators are, they simply can't solve many crimes without help from people like you. Just this week, two men were gunned down in a drive- by shooting in Albany, and few people are talking.

Police need tips, but some people who have helpful information won't share it because they're either too scared of retaliation or don't want to be labeled a snitch.

That's not the kind of attitude we need. To make our communities safer and better places to live, police need the cooperation of people during their investigations.

These days, law enforcement agencies make it easy for you to help them. The Thomasville Police Department recently started a Text a Tip program. Many agencies have crime stoppers hotlines that allow you to phone in tips anonymously, so there's no excuse not to tell what you know.

When crime stoppers tips result in an arrest, the tipster can get a reward. We're glad police try to make it easy for you to share information that may help get criminals off the streets, and we thank people have the courage to help police.

And if you know something about a crime, we encourage you to do your civic duty and report it.