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Super model meets blood donor

Davis holding an autographed photo of Taylor Davis holding an autographed photo of Taylor
Dotty Davis, Blood Donor and Lee Co. High School Teacher Dotty Davis, Blood Donor and Lee Co. High School Teacher

Super model Niki Taylor met some American Red Cross blood donors in Atlanta Wednesday who helped save her life.

Taylor was in a life threatening car crash back in 2001, and after more than a decade, was finally able to personally thank the people whose blood was used to saved her.

Dotty Davis, teacher at Lee County High school, has been donating blood for almost 30-years.  She never knew how her blood was used, or even who it helped save.   And saving lives wasn't the original reason she began giving blood in the first place.

"I started giving blood in 1984 when I was a senior in high school at Valdosta High school. And the honest to goodness truth was, it got you out of class. And who doesn't want to get out of class," said Dotty Davis, Blood donor and Lee Co. High School Teacher.

Recently she met the celebrity and mother of four who is still alive in part because of Davis' blood donation. Taylor underwent more than 40 operations and needed more than 100 units of blood to keep her alive. Coincidentally, some of Davis' donated blood was used during the transfusion. 

But when Davis and the other donors were asked to attend the reception to meet one of their recipients, nobody knew who was waiting to greet them.   

"I immediately said yes. I said I've never heard of anybody ever doing that," Davis said. "I think that would be incredibly cool to be able to walk up and go…'Wow! You've got a pint of my blood and you're still here.'"

Davis has never received a blood transfusion, but her mother received two pints before she died last August.  While that blood didn't save her mother's life, it did give the family a few more precious moments together before her life ended.

"My little brother was able to make it from North Carolina to see my mom. And it really did hit me may not be the person who saves somebody's life...but you might be the person who buys them two days of time. And we needed it," she said.

Davis continues to give blood a couple times a year, and said the blood you give could be the final pint that was needed to save a life.

For more information about blood donation, visit the American Red Cross site at:

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