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Jobs have applicants at Goodwill career fair


Dozens of South Georgians looking for a job attended the Goodwill Career fair Wednesday. Many of those people say they are under-employed, and are seeking a better job.

Job hunters were seeking that next opportunity at a career fair put on by Goodwill Southern Rivers.

Many of the South Georgians there say they're hopeful to find something to help them start fresh.

Job seeker Bradley Brock, already has job, but came out to the Goodwill Career Center job fair to find something better. He recently had to leave his last job for family reasons and is now working part time. With the unemployment higher in Georgia than the national rate, Brock is confident in programs like the Goodwill Career Center to help bring those numbers down.

"Thankfully I don't have any family to support, no kids. Just me and my dog. It has been difficult during the recession, but I have found ways of supporting myself through volunteer services and family support,"said Bradley Brock.

Bradley is considering opportunities with the Waffle House and Home Healthcare services. He's learning to have patience with the job market and sees hope in the future. He says it can be hard to continue when the road gets hard.

"It has been difficult when you apply for a job and go for a job interview. Sometimes you here no or you're over qualified or not what we're looking for. It is difficult to comprehend and accept, but with places like the Goodwill Career Center and Georgia Department of Labor, it is comforting to know I'm not the only one in the boat and times are getting better. You just have to be patient," said Bradley Brock.

Tonya Thomas with Sam's Club, say they are hiring and gave some good pointers on what  applicants should do.

"You have to continue and strive. You have to go. One door closes another opens. You can't stop. Somebody going need something at some time," said Tonya Thomas.

She also says it's important to explore all your resources and prepare yourself everyday to go out into the job market.

Other employers gave some tips on job hunting. Continue looking, remain positive and keep your eyes on the your goal.

Along with Sam's Club, the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office, and Regions Bank came out to hire potential applicants.

This is the Goodwill Career Center's biggest job fair of the year.

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