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'Skeeter spraying begins

Environmental Control Manager Donnell Mathis Environmental Control Manager Donnell Mathis

Today is the first day of spring, and with that comes the threat of mosquitoes. Following a mild winter and an abundance of rainfall, the pests are already flying around many parts of Dougherty County, and public works is trying to get an early start on combating them.

The recent rains have left many places in Albany and Dougherty County with pools of standing water. This of course is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

"We are trying to get around treat as much of this water as we can in a timely to combat some of the problems we're going to have with mosquitoes early," said Environmental Control Manager Donnell Mathis.   

Mathis says an early start is a must. This morning efforts were underway to spread pellets in this area off Greenwood and Lullwater. 

"We're treating the water with those as well as an Agnique product which coats the water to keep them from hatching out," he said.

Mathis says is some places larvae have already hatched and mosquitoes are on the fly. And now is a good time for homeowner to do their part.

"Pour out any standing water around the home; buckets, tries, bird baths, anything that holds water."

Last year Dougherty County led the state with 11 cases of West Nile virus, two of those fatal. But regardless of how bad the mosquito problem will be this year, protecting yourself is a must.

"Put on mosquito repellant. Avoid being out when mosquitoes are active, but if you have to be out, where repellant or long sleeves or pants,"

And look for mosquito sprayers to get an early start, beginning tomorrow, on combating the pests who will unfortunately hang around until mid fall.

And now is a time to start protecting yourself against mosquitoes. Those that survived the winter that had the virus still carry it and can pass it along.


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