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Powerball Jackpot grows to $260 million

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$2 power plays could win you big money $2 power plays could win you big money
Georgia's power ball jackpot reaches $260 million Georgia's power ball jackpot reaches $260 million

It could be your lucky day. Lottery players are eagerly waiting for Wednesday night's big powerball jackpot drawing that's climbed up to a whopping $260,000,000.

Gas stations and convenience stores across the state have been busy selling $2.00 power play tickets since February 9th.

And Wednesday night, players will have another chance to win big during the weekly drawing.

The jackpot has rolled 11 times since February 9th with no lucky winner. Powerball tickets are $2.00 per play and can be played up to 5 times on one ticket and with an additional dollar, you can add a Power Play multiplier which could help increase your chances of hitting the lucky number.

Winnings start as little as $4.00 and go all the way up to the grand jackpot. But the reality of being the lucky winner unfortunately isn't as appealing. Officials say you have a one in 175 million chance of being the grand prize winner.

As with all other Georgia Lottery games, proceeds from Powerball benefit education across the state. Since it's first year, the Georgia Lottery corporation has returned more than $14 billion to education programs like the HOPE scholarship and the state's Pre-K Program.

So, whether you win big or you're lucky enough to just win your money back, you can rest assure the money helps kids across the state have a better chance of getting an education.

The drawing is expected to take place a 11 o'clock Wednesday night. If no winner is picked, the powerball will roll onto next week.

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