Viewpoint: Deerfield's future

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Deerfield-Windsor Board of Trustees is faced with one of the biggest decisions in school history: Whether to leave the Georgia Independent School Association and join the Georgia High School Association.

Deerfield's rival schools in Macon already voted to join the G.H.S.A.

But Deerfield's situation is different from the Macon schools, because there are no other private schools competing in the G. H. S. A. that are close to Albany.

If Deerfield-Windsor remains in the GISA, its strong athletic program will likely continue to dominate opponents and produce lopsided victories.

A shot at real competition will only come with games against the likes of the Macon schools.

We think it would be a good move for Deerfield to join the G.H.S.A. and it could even boost the school's enrollment by students who want a challenge in the classroom and on the field of competition.