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Copper thieves ravage T'ville home


A Thomasville woman is left with a huge mess in her rental home.

Copper thieves tore it apart.

Debra Garland was making a routine check to the Alexander Street home when she discovered all the walls were ripped apart and all the copper wiring was gone.

Marvin Pittman saw the destruction at his friend's home for the first time Tuesday as he showed us through the house.

"It's devastating because you have assessments you have to redo and that's horrible for the owners," said Pittman.

Debra Garland owns the house at 215 Alexander Street in Thomasville.

Garland says when she last visited the house on March 9th, everything was in tact.

But when she returned Monday, the interior was all but destroyed.

"You know hearing about it is one thing, but seeing it is another. This is my first time really seeing this and it's a bad matter," said Pittman.

Police say it is still unknown how the thief or thieves broke into the house, but once inside they removed the sheet rock and paneling from the walls and ripped out the copper wiring.

"Really I believe it happened during the day because they don't have any lighting at night and I'm thinking it's two to four, at least four people that's conducting activity like this," said Pittman.

Pittman says the people who steal copper usually burn it before trying to resell it.

He says he knows it has a very distinct smell and people can be on the lookout for it.

"If it doesn't smell like bushes or woods or stuff like that, if they don't have a permit. Most of the time it's a funny smell. It's not a woody smell. So that would be one of the signs that you can recognize."

Pittman says it's up to neighbors to watch out for each other and not be afraid to either call 911 or even send an anonymous text.

"Pretty sure if it happens to you or with your family, you would want somebody to come check it out. So just do a courtesy call and that would be a great help."

Pittman says the last tenants moved out about three weeks ago and Garland was getting ready to rent the house out again, before discovering the damage.

If you know anything about the crime, you can call Crime Stoppers at 229-227-3305 or you can Text A Tip by sending THPD to 274637.

All tips will remain anonymous.


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