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Camping Out for Pre-K


 It was an all-day all-night event that drew dozens of parents to camp out for education. They got in line early Sunday and waited through the elements to make sure their kids were on the list for Lee County's Pre-K program.

Parents say it was worth the wait. They came with tents, sleeping bags and coolers. It was an all-nighter for parents.

Some like Kelly Pelham had been here for hours. "I have been here since 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon, rain and all" said Pelham.

She like dozens of other parents braving the elements in an all night camp out to make sure their child gets into Lee County's pre-k program.

"They're going to get paperwork that's a little wet but I'm hoping they'll still take it," said Kana Bell.

242 spots are available for the upcoming Pre-k year on one end, the west District of Lee County. "We were a little luckier than the other side because we were sheltered from the rain," said Pelham

The overnight drizzle led to the opening of the gym where some folks caught some Z's. Rachel Mixon from the east district. She's been here before and says the wait provides good chance to network with some fellow parents. "Just making some friends out here. They're going with my child at different points possibly so it's good to make friends prior to," said Mixon.

With the doors opening at 8:00 AM there was sign the wait would soon be over. Parents agree despite having to camp out. It's well worth the wait. "The pre-K here prepares them well. So it's worth waiting outside? Absolutely or I wouldn't be doing it again for the 4-year-old," said Mixon.

"To get my child into one of the greatest school systems in Georgia and it's going to be free," said Pelham All thanks to funds from the Georgia Lottery.

But the big winners today were those who waited and got their kid's name on that coveted pre-k list.


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