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Neighbors tense as police look for murder clues

Bullets hit the house, but no one inside Bullets hit the house, but no one inside
The two men standing outside this car were killed (SOURCE: APD) The two men standing outside this car were killed (SOURCE: APD)
Officers are canvassing the neighborhood Officers are canvassing the neighborhood

Albany Police are on high alert for possible gang retaliation following the shooting deaths of two young men in South Albany Sunday night.

Prosecutors say the victims were Blood gang members.

Investigators continue an intense manhunt for their killers who gunned down the two 20 year murder victims in a drive-by shooting that sent bullets flying into nearby homes and cars. Witnesses say about 50 shots were fired from a passing car, killing 20 year old William Davis Junior and Desmond Williams. Police say their investigation is being hampered because many witnesses are reluctant to  talk.

Monday morning Albany Police Gang Unit Investigators and Officers walked up and down Willard Avenue, looking for information. About 9:45 Sunday night gunfire exploded from a passing car, killing 20 year old William Davis Junior and Desmond Williams, who were standing in the yard at 514 Willard. One of the people who lives in that home, who did not want us to show her face, was sitting on the front porch.

Witness not wanting to give her name said "There was a couple of people out there in the yard. The car came from that way, and they just started shooting. They rode down the street just shooting. I ran in the house."

How many shots did you hear? "About 50. It was a lot of shots fired last night. It was a lot of shots."

Police say she is not exaggerating. Investigators placed dozens of markers by shell casings in the street after the shooting, while stunned onlookers watched.

One of the bullets went through the window of the home.

Monday many friends and neighbors went to Williams family home next door.

Jennifer Ashby said "It's just a sad occasion. It's just sad to see his mama like that. You know, she really hurting. She won't eat. And we just feel for here."

David Williams said "He was a good kid. He was a good kid. Didn't fool with nobody or whatever. It's just a shame that things like this are happening now."

But Williams was wearing an ankle monitor when he died. He was on bond after being charged with 2 counts of aggravated assault and one charge of street gang terrorism. Investigators say Williams was involved in an April shooting on Patrol Drive, where a man was shot in the stomach and his house riddled with bullets.

William Davis, who was known as "bug eye" on the street, pled guilty just 10 days ago to aggravated assault and street gang terrorism, for his involvement in a shooting outside Monroe High School . Davis admitted being a Blood, who called themselves the pimp squad click.

Friends Monday said they were kind young men who were senselessly killed.

 Unidentified neighbor said "They don't mess with nobody. They don't never mess with nobody. I just can't see how it happened to them. It just don't make no sense."

Ashby said "We do know Des was a good person. He was a good young man. Keep happy, and he didn't deserve this."

Police say Davis and Williams were standing by this Ford Crown Victoria when they were shot. Several bullets hit the car. 22 year old Nicholas Wright was in the car.  He was not injured.

That neighbor, who did not want us to show her face, told us she was scared after the shooting. She told me she was moving, soon.

The coroner says Davis' and Williams' bodies will be sent for autopsy at the GBI Crime Lab Tuesday.

These are the first murders of the year in Albany, and  Police and Gang Unit Investigators are asking the community's help to find the killers.

District Attorney Greg Edwards says the murders are definitely gang related and people in that neighborhood apparently are not telling Investigators what they need to know to track down the killers.

Investigators are urging people help them catch the killers and avoid further violence.

"People taking the notion they shouldn't snitch because that's what the whole culture is about," said D.A. Greg Edwards.  "That don't tell the police what's going on, but certainly it makes you unsafe if you don't tell police what's going on. "@

You can give police information anonymously and still be eligible for a reward.


The Taking Authority, Stop the Violence organization will be discussing the double murder at their weekly meeting Tuesday at noon at 529 Tenth Avenue.

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