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Victim speaks after burglars caught in her home


Three Valdosta teenagers are in jail tonight after police say they burglarized a family's home.

A neighbor watched it all go down and called police. The suspects were caught and arrested inside the home.

WALB News Ten's Lydia Jennings spoke exclusively with the victim and her neighbor.

Wendi Baird says she owes everything to her neighbor who prevented three men from getting away with burglarizing her home yesterday afternoon.

"I can never say enough about my neighbors, thank God they were there and were looking out for us," said Baird.

Around 2:30 p.m. Irma McNeal was taking her trash out when she spotted Asa Balloon, Jamarcus Thomas, and Demitrius Thompson walking around the Baird's home while they were away at work.

"I went in my house I closed my door, locked the doors, and I looked out the window and I saw those three guys go behind my neighbors house," said McNeal.

The men kicked open this door and began tearing the home apart.

Baird says the trio turned her home office upside down. They went through things like Christmas decorations, even packaging material. But in the end they just tried to take the laptops.

She says she found her laptop on the floor of her bathroom. "My laptop was just on the floor, in the bag, and they were trying to go out the window."

When Valdosta Police arrived, the men were still in the house. And were hiding in any corner they could find.

"One guy was in my bedroom, smoking a cigarette like it was his house. The other young man had gotten into the air conditioning unit and had stuffed himself in the side of the unit to hide. The other gentleman was in my son's room trying to escape out the window," said Baird.

"What would have happened if I had not called? It would have been scary for our neighbors to come home and find that they had been broken into and felt violated," said McNeal.

"Very unnerving knowing that someone's been in the house that was uninvited," said Baird.

The trio remain in the Lowndes County jail, all charged with burglary.

Thompson is also charged with escape after he ran from police and tried to hide in a unit in Lakeside Apartments off Northside Drive.

He is also charged with giving false information, possession of marijuana, and criminal trespassing.

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