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What happened to Lake Ellis?


A 92-year-old Albany man is recovering from what his family believes was an attack by a gang of four robbers.

Lake Ellis's family and friends are outraged that by the attack on the World War Two veteran as he walked along Cordele Road about 3:30 Monday morning.

But Dougherty County Police say they have not uncovered any evidence of an attack. They are still investigating.  Ellis' family says he has some dementia, and he says he can't remember what happened to him.

Ellis is in some pain from a number of injuries, and looks like he has been in a fight with cuts and bruises on his head, face, arms, and hands.

"His cheekbone is broke. Three fingers broke. He's got a cut on his right hand, and has five broken ribs," said his daughter Louise Wethersby.

Ellis' family says he left his son's home and was walking on Cordele Road when he was jumped.

  "A gang came out, four people I was told. Starting beating him up. And he's always been an outdoorsy type person, so he fought back. Someone saw it happening and called 911," said his niece Teddie Lee.

Dougherty County Police say they were called to a suspicious person in the roadway, and Ellis initially told them he fell down. The family has told them they think he was beaten.

 "Their suspicion is that he was attacked. But right now we don't have any other indication other than he had some injuries on him. We have no evidence or any other information that is leading towards that this was an attack," said DCP Sergeant Chad Kirkpatrick.

Ellis is a World War Two veteran who served in Germany, then worked as a mechanic around Albany raising five children. His large family and friends are outraged that he was attacked.

"They need to be in prison. You didn't have to beat him up," Wethersby said.

"He wouldn't bother anyone. But he did fight back. And obviously they might have killed him," Lee said.

Lake Ellis' family caring for him tonight, nursing him back to health, while police continue their investigation as to what really happened to him. 

If you have any information about this incident on Cordele Road near Pine Bluff Road about 3:30 Monday morning call Dougherty County Police at 430-6600 or Crimestoppers at 436-TIPS.

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