Viewpoint: Sequestration

As you know, automatic cuts in the federal budget- known as sequestration- went into effect last week. The latest poll showed most Americans, 46 percent, said they believe the cuts are bad for the country.

34 percent said they were a good thing, while another 20 percent either said they would have little or no impact…

A good point was made by several business and industry CEO's, who said: if you are hurt by a 2% cut in expenses, you have a really poorly run business. I think most of us can agree that our government is not being run properly, as many would say…like a professional business.

As has been pointed out a business cuts with scalpel not an ax! It is sad to hear some say, that these automatic cuts were good, because it was the only way we could reduce the government's run-away spending.

I hope no one agrees with the negative impact this will have on jobs, our military, and our kid's education. In the coming months, if the sequester is not averted - and there are no signs that it will be, in the near-term, at least - we'll see whether the public moves heavily toward the "it's bad" or "it's good" side of the debate.

We are Americans before we are Republicans or Democrats. Politicians are wasting our time playing this blame game. We frankly don't care who started it, or how your vote affects your re-election plans. Why would we re-elect you if you won't do the job we sent you there to do???