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Online fishing tips for Georgia fishermen


The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has introduced a new website to give anglers the latest information what's biting, where, and the right bait to use. It's called go fish georgia, and state fisheries biologists say now is the best time to check it out and go fishing.

Ralph McKendree of Albany enjoys the best feeling as he fights a big hybrid bass he hooked off the upper landing at the Georgia Power Dam. Fighting winds and fast water he lands a nearly 3 pounder.

McKendree said "We're drifting lures along the bottom, bouncing it off the current. They are fixing to start spawning so they are starting to stack up in front of the dam."

McKendree has learned that with more than 30 years of experience. But now you can learn the best spots and techniques like an old pro, online. At the Department of Natural Resources website, go fish georgia.

Georgia Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Biologist Supervisor Rob Weller said "Pretty much every major reservoir and river in the state, it will tell you something about the types of fish you can expect to catch, and how to catch them."

The website gives you guides to the best spots, weather forecasts, the type species, trends, even consultations with anglers and marina owners.

Kenneth Peterson says he checks the site out every week now.

Peterson said "Just to keep me informed on the fish and how they are biting and the best places to go."

And biologists say right now is the best time to try it out.

Weller said "From now all the way to June or so, some of the best fishing you have is here in Georgia."

McKendree said "Here in the next week or two the larger fish will start following in for the spawning process, and catching fish about 8 or 9 will be pretty regular. Some will be bigger and strippers will be up around 20 sometimes."

Anglers must have a current Georgia fishing license to fish in public waters, but all the money from that license goes to support fish restoration programs in the state.  To increase the population of Georgia's fish and keep the sport growing, and the big ones biting.

Gofishgeorgia is produced by fisheries biologists, in order to help anglers all of all experience levels.

You can check out the website by linking to it here.

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