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Delta CEO opposes pocket knives on planes


As more airline passengers express their concerns over the Transportation Security Administration's recent announcement to let pocket knives back onto planes, it's now the CEO of Delta opposing that decision.

After more than a decade of being banned, TSA officials have decided to allow pocket knives back on airliners.

Some passengers we talked to Sunday say they were caught off guard by the decision.

"When we think about safety and the whole reason to remove certain utensils from the airports it was a little bit of surprise that they would then reverse course," said passenger Hasan Kwame-Jefferies.

The decision was made after TSA officials determined that officers could better concentrate on finding explosive devices, especially in liquids, rather than looking for the knives.

"I would feel more comfortable if people were able to carry their soaps and lotions and perfumes rather than a pocket knife," said Kwame-Jefferies.

Now, Delta CEO Richard Anderson is expressing his opinion of the decision saying there are "legitimate concerns" for flight attendants.

Not all passengers feel the same way.

"I've lost several pocket knives going on planes just because I need them for my work and if I forget to put them in my checked luggage then they're gone," said passenger John Baptist.

Baptist believes pocket knives should be allowed on planes and supports the TSA's decision.

"I think a lot of the stuff that's not allowed on planes and not allowed on planes is really more of a theater of fear," said Baptist.

Some just don't see it that way and hopes Delta can be beacon for other airliners to follow.

"I hope other airlines will follow suit and say this doesn't quite make that much sense," said Kwame-Jefferies.

The ban will be lifted April 25th. 

Golf clubs, bats and hockey sticks will also be allowed on planes again.


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