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Dougherty County Saturday School to end


Children who went to one of the 13 Saturday Schools in Dougherty County will be no longer be required to attend.

Interim Title 1 Director Dr. David Coley says administrators made the decision to end the program when they realized how the program was being used.

"You can't use a Title 1 Saturday School for a student to make up attendance to advance to the next grade, that is designed for instructional and academic purposes," said Dr. David Coley.

There were other problems with Saturday school as well. The system was paying too many teachers and didn't have enough students participating. Attendance varied each week.  Sometimes just a handful of kids showed up. 

And if one school isn't following the rules, the whole district will be in violation of Title 1 regulations.

"We don't need anymore violations. We just want to get the program back on track and I definitely would like to see it start back up next term,"said Dr. David Coley.

System leaders hope to revamp the program and restart it next school year. Dr. Coley is confident it can be successful here.

"We really are more positive and better than what we portrayed because we got good teachers and administrators here. Good kids, students. They're just better than the perception appears to be. We want to make sure we're not in any violations under Title 1," said Dr. Coley

The school system got $103, 000 in Title I for the Saturday School program.  What's left will go back into the school budget to use for other programs.

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