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Did you spring forward and change the batteries?


We now have some extra daylight, as clocks "spring forward" an hour for Daylight Saving Time.

The Georgia Emergency Management Agency's Ready Georgia campaign is asking us to also do an emergency preparedness check.

  • Test your smoke alarms to make sure they're working, and replace the batteries if they're more than a year old.
  • Take a look at your Ready kit:
    • Check expiration dates on your food, water and medications. Use foods before they go bad, and replace them with fresh supplies.
    • Check your equipment. Is your battery-powered radio working? When was the last time you replaced the batteries in your flashlight and your NOAA weather radio? Follow the same rule of thumb as you do for your smoke alarm – replace the batteries at least once a year.
    • Re-think your needs. Is someone in the family on medication now that they weren't taking a year ago? Have you added a family member or a pet? Take these and other lifestyle changes into account, and update your kit as needed.
  • Once you've taken a few minutes to refresh your Ready kit, make sure you take a quick look at your family emergency plan too. Log on to your personal profile on the Ready Georgia website, or use the Ready Georgia mobile app. Update medical information, phone numbers and any other details that may have changed during the past year. Then make sure your family knows where you will go and how you will get in touch with another in case of an emergency.

As the days get longer, it's a sign that warm weather is just around the corner – and the change of seasons brings a whole new set of potential hazards. Just one hour of planning can help to assure that your family is prepared for the critical 72 hours following a disaster.

For more information, visit www.ready.ga.gov. Please let me know if you'd like to speak to an emergency preparedness expert about this topic. 


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