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Ga. lawmakers aim to make sports safer


State lawmakers are also addressing a growing problem in sports.

The number of concussions diagnosed in athletes is growing.

A state bill would force coaches at primary and secondary schools to take players out of games and have them medically examined at the first sign of concussion symptoms.

It's no secret that football is a violent sport, but now Georgia lawmakers want to help make the popular game safer.

House lawmakers passed a bill that would require players suspected of having a concussion to be pulled from the game and be medically examined.

"For all of our players and coaches, we've instructed them that if they even think there's a possibility that they may have a concussion, they are to go straight to the trainer," said Lee County Football Coach Dean Fabrizio.

The Lee County High School football team has a similar policy to what lawmakers want to see.

Players have to sit if concussion symptoms are detected and aren't permitted to play until medically cleared.

"We're trying to protect these athletes and kids that are playing these sports, so that's why it's important that they get thoroughly evaluated by someone who knows what they're doing and understands the medical profession to get them taken care of," said Lee County High athletic trainer Brain Davis.

Athletic trainer Brian Davis says he's in favor of the new bill because it looks out for the players' well being in the long run and that's what matters to him the most.

"Just trying to protect them from getting injured and trying to get them to have a good, successful life later on not just immediately in sports, but so they can have a successful life," said Davis.

That's why the staff at Lee County High is working hard to make sure these players have a healthy life after sports.

"If he thinks there's a possibility of a concussion, not even sure if it's a concussion, but if he thinks there's a possibility of it, they're pulled out of practice or a game that day," said Fabrizio.

Better safe than sorry.

House Lawmakers passed that bill 161 to 7.

Now, it needs approval from the senate.


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